Some people speak English, some speak Dutch, but speak you Dunglish?

It’s a language det is easy for Dutch people who speak a little English, but not really good. And people who speak English but not Dutch maybe don’t understand a flute of this. Below are some Dutch expressions, that you should read in Dunglish.

Dutch expressions

Who says A also has to say B.

I forgot the best horse of the stable!

The onholder wint. The onholder farts.

Sin before you begin.

If the pig is drowned, they demp the water hole

High trees catch a lot of wind

Little bean comes on its wage

Butter with the fish.

Who burns his butt has to sit on the blisters.

If you have it wide, you gotta let it hang.

One’s death is another one’s bread.

The first clap is worth a dollar.

A donkey doesn’t usually hit himself twice on the same stone.

He is not to be caught for one whole.

Money doesn’t smell bad.

Cozyness doesn’t know any time.

Who does good, meets good.

Good buy is expensive buy.

To speak is silver, to be silent is gold.

The neighbour’s grass is always greener.

Own open fire is worth gold.

A child’s hand is filled quickly.

What the heart is full of, the mouth walks over with.

Barking dogs don’t bite.

When two dogs fight for one leg, the third one goes away with it.

From thick wood they saw planks.

You have to melt the iron when it’s hot.

Learned young, done old.

Who wants the beneath part from the can, gets the lid on his nose.

A cat in the now makes.weord jumps.

He has heard the clock ring, het he doesn’t know where the clepel hangs.

Who digs a whole for another, falls in himself.

Who laughs the latest, laughs the best.

The last pieces of lead weigh the heaviest.

March turns its tail.

In May all birds lay an egg.

Measuring is knowing

The same monks, the same caps.

The morning standing has gold in the mouth.

That’s mustard after the meal.

He falls with his nose in the butter.

An accident sits in a small corner.

Weed doesn’t go away.

Thinking you have to leave for a horse (they have a bigger head)

You can’t look a given horse in the beak.

To dance to someone’s pipes.

The pot blames the kettle that he’s black.

When one sheep is over the Dam, more will follow.

Not shot is always miss.

Who the shoe fits, wears it

Shoemaker, stay at your reader!

The soup is never eaten as hot as it’s being served.

The best steering men are on the wall .

East, West, home best.

As the clock ticks at home, it doesn’t tick anywhere

The exception confirms the rule.