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The Guardian (UK) in English,

Le Figaro (France) in French,

El País (Spain) in Spanish,

Corriere della Sera (Italy) in Italian,

Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany) in German,

NOS (the Netherlands) in Dutch,

SVT Nyheter (Sweden) in Swedish),

DK (Denmark) in Danish,

NRK (Norway) in Norwegian,

Gazeta Wyborcza (Poland) in Polish,

The Moscow Times (Russia) in Russian,

Folha de São Paolo (Brasil) – World News in Portuguese,

La Vanguardia (Spain) in Catalan,

Chinanews (China) in Chinese,

CNN Türk (Turkey) in Turkish

Al Jazeera (Qatar) News in Arabic language

Antara (Indonesia) News in Indonesian language

The Guardian - news feed in English Daily News update from the UK – in English

News feed in French on Language Immersions news feed in French

news in Spanish news feed in Spanish

Corriere-della-Sera-News-in-Italiannews feed in Italian

The world has changed the news. But the news has changed the world. Wow, deep!

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Frankfurter Allgemeine - news feed in Germannews feed in German 🇩🇪

news feed in Dutch

Swedish news news feed in Swedish

DR DK Danish news news feed in Danish

NRK Nyheter - Norwegian News news feed in Norwegian

  • by Marit Kolberg
    FN ønsker å sette Great Barrier Reef på Unescos fareliste. Australia protesterer og kritiserer Unesco for å blande seg inn […]
  • by Julie Haugen Egge
    Twitter er ikke bare nyttig for den som vil styre en supermakt. Det sosiale mediet er også en kilde for […]
  • by Sophie Lorch-Falch
    Konsernsjefen er i åpen konflikt med et medlemsopprør. Obos-veteranene vil holde opprørerne ute. Hva foregår egentlig i Obos?

Gazeta Wyborcza - News feed in Polishnews feed in Polish

Moscow-Times-Independent-News-in-Russian news in Russian

Folha de São Paolo (Brasil) – World News in Portuguese

lavanguardia - news in catalan and spanish news in Catalan

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CHINANEWS – News in Chinese

CNN Türk - daily news in Turkish

CNN Türk – Daily news update in Turkish

Al Jazeera (Qatar) News in Arabic language

Antara – News in Indonesian language

NEWS.GR (Greece) – News in Greek

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