Watch the news to learn languages

Watch the news while reading along the subtitles in the orginal languages and translated to English and other languages

As I love following the world news and learning languages, I often watch national news channels from all over the world to practice listening, reading (in case of subtitles), writing (I often add my own as a practice and will leave them on here for other learners) and speaking (if you are a die-hard and don’t mind speaking out loud).

View a little exercise for myself to watch and listen to the easy Swedish news copying the subtitles and adding left out words in my full transcript.

With one browser window open on the original episode on the left part of your screen and my transcript and translations on the right, it will look somewhat like this:

Now you can enjoy watching the news in easy Swedish with your desired subtitles – or copy the English version and paste it into Google Translate for a good understanding in any other language of your choice!