What helps me to maintain my language learning goals

Motivation: connection with people Learning from years of experience what got me going, I should continue to use low-entry apps such as Duolingo. It’s low effort to open the app or a browser tab, press D, hit enter and start a lesson in one of my target languages. That way I improve a bit, but […]

Language Learning with Netflix

I’m learning languages in multiple ways, but doing so while watching my favourite series and video’s makes it a lot of fun. I love the options to optionally auto-pause after each spoken sentence, show two (target) language subtitle lines at the same time. I’m currently usinh it for Russian, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and French and […]

Language learning week 7 day 3

Hello, Duo! To get me started today, I’ll let the green owl help me. Diving into Arabic lessons He is generous and he is your husband, Judy. هُوَّ كَريم وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا جودي. Also, it’s interesting to realize that before ever learning some Arabic, I wouldn’t even have known where these Arabic words ended, only knowing spaces between words in […]