What helps me to maintain my language learning goals

Motivation: connection with people

Learning from years of experience what got me going, I should continue to use low-entry apps such as Duolingo. It’s low effort to open the app or a browser tab, press D, hit enter and start a lesson in one of my target languages. That way I improve a bit, but not every day and the language and skills learned are not as natural as… yes, a natural conversation with real people. Cause that is a strong motivation for me to learn other languages.

Tandem – language exchange platform

So I can go to Tandem to have a natural conversation with real people, but the words are lacking. Back to study. I’ll start with some basic phrases, that I want to know in my target language and can use with any new person I meet on Tandem, on (polyglot) conferences or out in the real world in town or on trips abroad.

Basic and common phrases for any language

My personal goal is to learn over ten languages now, maybe dozens eventually. I suppose you are not that crazy, but my efforts and experience can still help you in multiple ways.

-You can use the common phrases that I’ll create in my many target languages. It’s based on my 30 years of learning other languages, 10 years working with different methods in language education and my creativity, especially for the common language that I’ll offer in story format.

-You can learn from my successfail experiences. It’s a term I coined for the combined experience of what we often call successful or fails, which I think can both be helpful for future learning.

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