Pace Language Institute – Pace Taleninstituut

Pace Taleninstituut

Specialist in Dutch courses

Pace Taleninstituut (Pace Language Institute) has over 30 years experience and is a medium-sized language school in Amsterdam. The main school is in Zuid (South), near the Olympic stadium and they have a location in Oost (East) as well. It’s a great places in Amsterdam to learn Dutch,

Preparation course for Inbugeringsexamen (Integration exam)

People integrating in Holland are particularly well off at Pace because of their special Inburgeringsexamen preparing courses. Though they also offer other languages, like English courses and Spanish courses, they are specialists when it comes to Dutch language courses. The Pace team

Nowadays referred to it as Pace, the name has a two-fold origin. In English it’s often used at a steady pace, no rush. Also, the original acronym is Professional Association for Communicative Education.


  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • In-company training programs
  • All-year round opening times. Monday – Friday, daytime and evening
  • All teachers are certified

Due to Corona, courses start at various times of the day. Due to their specialized Dutch course offer preparing for exams, there are many groups of various levels. Therefore, students can join whenever they want.

How to get there

Location Zuid (South): IJsbaanpad 9 – Gebouw “Pand Zuid”, 3e etage, 1076 CV Amsterdam

Bus and tram stop near Amstelveenseweg

Location Oost (East): Balistraat 48-A, Gebouw “De Meevaart”, 1094 JN Amsterdam

Bus and tram stop near Muiderpoort (station)

Fun and easy

OK, not everybody has had the pleasure of having the most fun of language teachers in high school, but we’re all grown-ups now. Pace teachers know how to provide language classes in a fun way. Also, they make Dutch more easily accessible. As soon as you enter the school or even before when you contact them, the friendly reception staff welcomes you and helps you out with any questions you have or facilities you may need. The classrooms are well-sized for groups and there is an open self-study media center. If you can’t use your own devices, it’s all there. Both the school building in Zuid (South) as well as the one in Oost (East) have a coffee and tea corner where you can share your newly acquired language and catch up with other students and recharge each other for the challenges that lie ahead for all of you. That way language learning is hopefully slightly more fun!

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