Learn French on TV5 Monde – take a level test

Take a French level test on TV5monde.com

It will tell you your (approximate) level after listening to 14 audio segments and answering the corresponding multiple choice questions. Next, you can click the white button below that gets you to the appropriate exercises.

Offering a huge variety (758 exercises when I checked) you can filter on the themes and collections of your interest and then finally make your selection. You can choose any popular category such as politics, cinema, education, food and art.

An exercise can consist of listening parts, which precedes a matching component. This way you can

When clicking next, it provides you with feedback on your matches. Then you need to click step 2 on top, to listen to segments of the same video item again. In this step, the video player comes with statements on the side that requires you to mark as correct, false or not mentioned in the report.

Step 3

For the next step in the exercise you need to listen to specific audio bits again to fill in the blanks.

70 km/heure, In this particular video report from RTBF (Radio Television Belgique Francophone) you even get acquainted with regional specific word use, such as Wallone septante for seventy, rather than soixante-dix as common in France.

Apparently, one has to read the exercise properly, as I had filled out the numbers in … numbers, not written out in words. Fortunately,

Step 4 helps you practice writing more words from the same video by filling out the blanks. You can check your answers and try again or resume the complete exercise.

If following the news in French is too hard or if you just want a more active use of your target language, TV5 can be a good spot to practice your listening and to some extent writing skills. Profite et amuse-toi bien!