30 Day challenge

I want to share my experience of the 30 Day Language Challenge with you that I’m now doing with a friend this May 2020. He is doing it (and much better!) for Italian, whereas I’m trying to do it for Polish. It’s a fun way to practice useful sentences, describing daily situations, where you’re from and what you like.

In hindsight I should have picked another language when he proposed this challenge. As I’m not able to construct Polish sentences myself yet in Polish, I rely on Google Translate. We all know how funny those translations can be, but I’m quite aware of the error rate, types and how to avoid them, I’m quite happy to use that free tool at this point.

A greater concern I have is that I’m not producing the sentences in the target language myself. But I wanted to build up the daily routine, which sometimes is more valuable than the quality of any method to learn or practice a language.

Besides, after a few days I decided to really not spend more than a few minutes on the sentence creation with a small error rate, the actual translation, listening to the pronunciation (at the normal and slow rate) and the recording of the actual audio that I’m sending him on whatsapp right after.

My friend even said that his Polish native friend could understand me, but with so many new sounds to me, I’m actually inclined to find a teacher for some private lessons and practice with other native speakers in a language exchange.

Are you ready for this 30 Day Record Yourself Challenge for intermediate language learners?