Listen to the Swedish news while reading subtitles

Watch Nyheter på lätt svenska with English translation

SVT (Play) offers a news bulletin, shortened and presented using easier language, which allows advanced beginners and intermediate learners to practice the Swedish language following the national and international news from the Swedish national broadcasting channel.

As a practice for myself as a Swedish learner, I often transcribe (write out the presented text in full) of that news bulletin. The video player already has an option for subtitles in Swedish, but it’s a great practice to write along and try to detect the words that have been left out in the subs for matters of clarity. When listening to each sentence two or three times you can:

  • practice listening skills (listen to pronunciation from a native Swedish speaker)
  • read along with the subtitles in Swedish (and notice small differences between the original subs and audio – view my subtitles for a full transcription and exact copy of the audio)
  • read along with the subtitles in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or any other language that you know well

Advanced exercises

  • write along with the
  • follow the news in Sweden and the world
  • move back one sentence and pause to write or say the next one out loud yourself before you see and hear it on the video

In case you’re a real language nerd too

  • read along with the subtitles in (an)other language(s) that you want to learn simultaneously!

Nyheter på lätt svenska – Måndag 7 December 2021