Multilingual People Connector

I’m 4E: extremely enthusiastic, extrovert and energetic. Oh, and I’m creative. I thrive in a young, dynamic professional environment.

Passionate about languages, language learning and teaching, as you can see on below screenshot from my Interlinguals teacher profile

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I have always found and created the most multilingual jobs at multinational organizations for myself and others. Improving my language skills with clients, colleagues and in my free time in my environment and on Interlinguals, apps, including my own. I love to challenge myself and enjoy learning new things continuously. (Pssst! I’ll share my deepest secret with you that I’d love to become a polyglot some day!)

My strongest language skills are in Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and French. I (therefore) also learned the basics of dozens other Germanic and Romance languages. But I’m currently learning Russian and Chinese. As a generalist, I enjoy knowing a little bit about multiple languages’ syntax, lexicon, phonology and writing systems.


My Curriculum Video – I made the next video to add a voice over to (edited) images and subs in 6 languages to introduce myself as a language enthusiast working in the field of language education in various roles.

Leprastichting – In the following video the left me is promoting the Leprastichting to the right me (not being interested at the beginning, but guess what happens!) I added some take out effects.

Multilingual Global News – As I’m following the news in multiple languages at a daily base, I wanted to parody the German Tagesschau trying out new sound and visual effects in Davinci Resolve. natural light, phone camera and tripod, 8 languages and corresponding characters in this next production:

For another fun and let’s say, more ‘informal’ personal project I made the next parody of Tussen Kunst en Kitsch, a popular Dutch TV programme in which people bring paintings from grandma’s attic to have it valued by experts. I did it to try out editing the visuals, in this case replacing the painting in some 20 different shots. 100,000+ views in 1 day! Viewers discretion is advised!

This last example is not a video edit, but a challenge to speak 16 languages in one take, promoting a personal travel project for Paul Camper.

We produced below video to promote Interlinguals as a startup introducing it to programmers and others joining our team as well as investors and other interested stakeholders:

Also, I love blogging about languages, as you can find on this blog’s homepage.