Meaningless intro

What is the biggest challenge of any polyglot? To practice multiple languages of course! So an important part on my website will be to help you and myself to list useful ways to keep (y)our languages active. Oh, and active is actually speaking and writing. So reading and listening to the news is actually a more passive language skill.

But it’s a very interesting way if you enjoy following what’s happening in the world and actually was one of the dreams I had when I was small: to read Le Figaro, Frankfurter Allgemeine, The Guardian, La Vanguardia etc. in a literary café with a coffee…

Multilingual Multi-screen Newsroom

I created my own newsroom. Picture myself in front of this huuuge wall of monitors with news channels from all over the world in dozens of languages, switching from the sound of one to the other. Feel free to watch my multilingual multi-screen newsroom and use it.

Polyglot news headlines

Check out the latest headlines from the world’s main newspapers in over 20 languages. On one page? What? Do you think I’m a polyglot? You will be when you visit my multilingual news site!