some of my language video’s

My Multilingual Curriculum Video
My startup Interlinguals

My startup Interlinguals is a platform that connects language learners with language teachers. So it’s like an AirBnB for language learning.

me presenting the news in multiple languages. parody from the original German edition adding international news items with subtitles and effects. I’m now working on a new one in more languages!
Not related to language learning, but for this video I edited the scenes, sound and added some other effects and a somewhat different genre painting as a parody on the original episode of the somewhat dusty but popular art auction Dutch TV show Tussen Kunst en Kitsch, (~ BBC Antiques Roadshow). It got 100,000 views in one day here on this popular Dutch video website Dumpert!
A trial video to try out a few new languages and a green screen with self-made background from my multiscreen news channels page.
Low quality, low pixels, just as a base to test out new possibilities for a multilingual news report in a news studio setting using new software

My YouTube channel: Learn how to speak any language channel: How to learn any language – I will be adding more multilingual news and other videos on here and my channel soon!

My YouTube channel: Learn how to speak any language channel: Interlinguals – with more videos from my startup Interlinguals.

More will follow soon as I’m producing several video’s in new languages and with new video effects! ☺