My Language Journey Day 1

As I’m in the process of learning multiple languages, I want to record it on this website as of today. I had a whole language journey planned and then Corona came. So now I will continue everything online. And maybe one day, just maybe, I can get close to calling myself a polyglot, while still being able to look myself in the mirror.

So mostly to push myself and not waste your time either, let’s get started:

  1. Today I took some Hebrew lessons on Mondly. I compared it to other language learning apps such as Duolingo and Babbel in this review. I decided to repeat the same conversation again, as Hebrew is incredibly difficult for me. It was helpful, but I’ll need to go through this chat again several more times before I can actually have the conversation in real life, master the pronunciation and letters.
Hebrew conversation lessons on Mondly
Hebrew conversation lessons on Mondly

2. I liked the Mondly chat bot so much that I decided to use it for Japanese too. I recognized the word 時々from the new Dutch TV show with the same name Tokidoki about Japanese from language writer Paulien Cornelisse. The word sometimes translates to sometimes as in below tennis example.

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