Language Journey Days 23 & 24 – Little dear Lord animal

Only Dutch speakers can understand this blog title, when translating each of the four components back to Dutch individually. I’ll help out the other 99.69% of world citizens who don’t speak Dutch as a native (24 million speakers) or second (5 mln) language. The word little dear lord animal literally translates to Dutch lieveheersbeestje. And that correctly translates to a super friendly ladybug. 🐞

7,790,627,545 language speakers
(baby’s counted as future speakers
and currently passive speakers)
(source: Worldometer)

Yesterday and today I’ve continued testing the written and spoken texts for my language learning app. I decided to read translations into 32 languages and listened to 24 audio recordings of them. This was merely to test how the sentences were built up, pronounced and displayed in the app. I read my personal introductions in 20 languages today and listened to 7 audio recordings. I focused on transliterating hebrew letters when reading Yiddish. Knowing German that’s a much language to be introduced to the alphabet rather than Ivrit, for now. ☺

Other than that I taught Dutch to students yesterday and will continue to do so again today. So that’s enough L2 for now!

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