Language Immersion Day 1 – one hour of language study and living like a local


The first language on my list of high-quality translations, a tricky one for me in itself to kick-off with. I could assess from most words what they meant, since I know the source text pretty well, it being my own introduction. ☺

Scandinavian languages

Then, I just listened to the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish pronunciation while reading the text in those three languages on my personal language learning app.

My Chinese lesson on Duolingo today.

I came across phrases like:

你的朋友去哪儿 – Where are your friends going?

为什么他不高兴?- Why is he not happy?

你为什么学习中文?- Why do you study Chinese?

我想去中国。- I want to go to China.

你们想不想去纽约?- Do you want to go to New York?

我喜欢听中文歌。- I like listening to Chinese songs.

她喜欢学习英语。- She enjoys learning English.

为什么?- Why?

我用电脑学习中文。- I use a computer to learn Chinese.

After, an Esperanto lesson on Duolingo

Germano vizitas usonanon en Usono. – A German visists an American in the US.

Homoj tra la lando parolas Esperanton – People across the country speak Esperanto.

Hodiaŭ mi vizitas Nordamerikon. – Today a North-American visits me. Today I’m visiting North-America.

Ĉu vi estas en Nordameriko? – Are you in North-America?

Eŭropanoj ŝatas Italion. – Europeans like Italians. Italy.

Then I spoke Spanish like a local

Being a guiri in Málaga, I was looking for a gym. That brought along quite some talking to find, compare and arrange a contract. I also had various convos with people working and visiting the gym that allowed me to practice Spanish at a higher (or at least more speedy) level. So staying here for a longer period now definitely contributed to my experience being immersed in Spanish language and culture.

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