Language Journey Day 6

Same phrase in multiple languages

This morning I got this fun idea: why not ask the world to translate one or two sentences into their language? Perhaps some words will show unrecognizable differences whereas others, when taking a closer look will show remarkable resemblances! On the one sentence multiple translation page you’ll find what Nelson Mandela would say if he spoke Globian or Worldisch.

Polyglot Gathering 2020

Yeah! I just got an email that the program is ready! Originally it would have taken place in Poland, but due to Corona it will now be a virtual event. I have already made a pre-selection of presentations I want to follow and which discussions and language practice I want to engage in. I can’t wait for it to start! Well, actually I can, cause I have enough plans for now.

Multilingual news bulletin

Every day I follow news channels in multiple languages in order to practice listening in 5-10 languages while hearing about the latest topics in society, politics and culture from all over the world. Last summer I enjoyed making a satyric multilingual news program. I’m now also reading the news in multiple languages at a daily base from that new page I made. And I made this website to practice my languages, including active skills. So today I’m thinking out that concept to make multilingual news bulletins with an educational component. I will subtitle the multilingual programs in both the interchanging spoken languages as well as English and avail the complete script for those polyglot viewers who want to do some serious language learning on the side. And that way I will not only practice reading and listening in my various target languages, but also improve my active speaking and writing skills! And I enjoy shooting and editing videos, as well as creating language learning curricula. So after a trial stage, I will also include some exercises that accompany the news items that came along.

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