Language Journey Day 7

Today I continued my work on my multilingual news broadcast. Yesterday I started making a format, some technical training and preparation and the first content based on news broadcasts from English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish and Dutch speaking news channels that I follow regularly. Today I continued that content building, to actually force myself to practice those languages actively. As soon as the rendering process of the edited video is complete, I’ll post my multilingual news broadcasting for polyglots (or wannabe’s like myself) on here asap! This evening I might do some more exercises from apps as well as watch an episode from a Swedish or Danish thriller. That will have to be with subtitles in English or Dutch, my native language. Especially Danish I can’t understand at all without subs. But who knows that I might one day. I won’t touch on Danish or Norwegian though before I’m a bit further with Swedish, not to confuse the Scandinavian languages. And I’m afraid that Icelandic and Faroese (føroyskt mál) will have to wait for when I’m retired.

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