Language Journey Day 8-14

The past week I focused on making a trial video as well as joining the Polyglot Gathering 2020.

I made and just uploaded this trial video to try out a few new languages and a green screen with self-made background using the multiscreen news channels page. It just has a low quality, 720 p and is just as a base to test out new possibilities to record a multilingual news report in a studio setting first almost dying using Panzoid, waiting for three days to render, download and upload and then finally back to good old DaVinciResolve 16!

Polyglot Gathering 2020

It was my first time that I joined this conference for multilinguals and I think it was amazing! Originally it would take place in Teresin, Poland. Due to the Corona-outbreak they all managed to moved it on time to a virtual platform with public rooms with live speakers (as planned) about interesting language and linguistic topics. As I’ll be watching back most of those this week, I threw myself into language practice rooms for about 3,5 days, almost non-stop! I joined about 20 languages, and as intended hardly spoke any English. It was so much fun to speak or at least listen to so many languages and to meet other people with such a crazy shared interest!

For learning purposes and mostly a lot of fun I decided to join almost 20 different language practice rooms various times! I really don’t speak all those languages, but I just wanted to hear the sounds and sentence structure of some new ones.

Of course I had to compare my perhaps most favourite language family with -from West to East- Portuguese, Galician, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian and even its mater Latin.

I did another comparison in rooms where only that one Germanic language was spoken. I helped others with Dutch (hardly used any English all four days), German, Swedish, to my surprise I could understand pretty much of the Danish spoken by some learners and I listened in with Norwegian. I wanted to compare Danish to Swedish hearing a conversation of fellow language learners, as I normally only hear them on Netflix or the news. Eventually I forgot to visit Yiddish and I don’t think there was an Icelandic, Frisian, Luxembourgisch room.

My Slavic studies currently only exist of around 10 hours of Polish, so that’s the only language I listened in to distinguish some words and sentence structure. The same goes for Chinese, modern Greek and my new favourite(s) Esperanto and follow-up? Ido! I’m absolutely a beginner on all of the above but I am really interested in those. Also in Arabic, Russian, Swahili, Japanese and many others that were there, but I decided it wouldn’t help me much listening in or it conflicted with other language practice at the same time. ☺ I ended up exchanging contact details and now want to continue practicing in the specific language groups on telegram and a Swedish one I made on whatsapp. The fun part is that we’re all having this weird hobby and specific interest and that we’re dealing with the same difficulty of not having enough time and people to practice all our target languages. So this first Polyglot Gathering for me really showed me that I’m not alone in this language journey!

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