Language Journey Day 16

Last night I watched this Danish documentary on youtube with both Danish and English subtitles. This morning I watched the news in English and Dutch only, cause I didn’t want to bore my boyfriend with Spanish again. I went to the language school, where I taught Dutch during a private session. We set some learning goals for her. After my lesson, I decided to equally set some clear language learning goals for myself too.

Tandem language exchange app - practice speaking listening writing and readingI also created an account on Tandem, an app for language exchanges. I tried out some German, Swedish, Portuguese and Chinese. Today I decided to download the app, so I can have video calls and record audio too.

I am writing in German to and reading messages from a guy I met there. This afternoon I did my second of the 30 day daily challenge to learn, writing Swedish text and recording audio in the whatsapp group that I made after the polyglot conference.☺ I also listened to ten versions of the Russian song Ochi chernye.

After, I watched a few songs to learn basic Chinese for kids or adults that feel like kids to say hi and how are you. I became a huge fan right away. They’re hilarious, give it a shot if you’re a complete beginner and want to sing or laugh. Then I used this Chrome browser plugin to learn languages watching Netflix. I tried it on for the Russian movie Sparta. The add on also shows you a catalogue of productions in your target language and area. Very useful! I’ll review the plugin thoroughly one day. Tomorrow I want to create my own useful phrases for all my target languages.

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