Language learning week 7 day 3

Hello, Duo! To get me started today, I’ll let the green owl help me.

Diving into Arabic lessons

He is generous and he is your husband, Judy. هُوَّ كَريم وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا جودي. Also, it’s interesting to realize that before ever learning some Arabic, I wouldn’t even have known where these Arabic words ended, only knowing spaces between words in Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets and Chinese characters. In fact, Arabic is just the same, but since all letters have four forms of writing them (at the beginning, middle and end of a word and separately) I wouldn’t have known that a word like  زَوْجِك in that sentence was just one word ‘husband’.

At this moment, I can’t picture yet when I’d be using such a sentence at any point in my life, but maybe Duo knows better.

Still, I’m pretty happy with my progress in Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Turkish the past two weeks!

moving on to Chinese

Ok, I already feel that this sentence is more useful:

His stomach hurts, I don’t know what he ate. 他的肚子很疼,我不知道他吃了什么。

Also, it’s interesting to look at this Chinese sentence order: He | possesive | stomache | very | painful, |I|not|know|he|eat|past tense|what.

What I like about Duo too is that you get listening practice. And you can replay the same audio a few times in order to understand the sentence. Try to challenge yourself by replaying it a few times at normal speed. Only if your target language or the new words in an exercise are too difficult, play the slower version.

Russian today

I’m using the on-screen keyboard as much as I can to better write Russian myself.

Last Duo exercise for now: Turkish

I just did one Turkish exercise today, to reach my daily goal, cause I need to do many things today.

Now it’s time to read today’s news and manage the translations to multiple languages on my self-study app!

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